Wind Point is a not-for-profit organisation operated and supported by a group of people who believe that:

1. Wind farms are not the solution to energy supply in South Africa, and in the Western and Eastern Cape.

2. Wind farms are massively and hugely visually destructive to the environment.

3. Wind farms will not prevent the continued operation and construction of coal or nuclear power stations.

4. Wind farms have proven in other parts of the world to be uneconomic and created largely to satisfy the self-interest of overseas corporations either wishing to sell wind turbines or to find a means by which polluters can continue polluting.

Wind Point and this website are funded solely by concerned individuals, the majority of whom are in the private engineering sector and who have no interest other than to protect our precious environment by opposing the construction of wind turbines in Western and Eastern Cape.

If you would like to support our cause, visit our “How to help” page.